The Resurrection

“On the third day He rose again from the dead”. (I Corinthians: 15:4)


The top symbol is a phoenix, a bird, a symbol of Christ’s resurrection, or the resurrection of those who fall asleep in Him. The phoenix is a mythical bird, resembling the eagle, which is said to have lived 500 years in the Arabian Desert. After 500 years, it sets fire to its nest and is consumed with the nest, by the flames. Three days later, a new live bird emerges from the ashes, lives 500 years, and follows the same procedure. The Greek word for phoenix means Date-Palm tree and the Arabs used the ashes of the burnt date-palm tree as fertilizer for seeds, which may have been the origin for this story. The angel in this window represents the angel who announced “He is risen”.


Given by Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Elliott and Children











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