First United Methodist Church, Forest City gathers weekly for a progressive-minded and inclusive traditional worship service.

Welcoming All:  The mission statement of FUMC-Forest City reflects our desire to create a warm and welcoming environment.  We exist to love people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, equip them with a faith in God that works in real life and empower them to impact the world.

Message:  The worship service is crafted in a way that the music and the word work in harmony. Our minister reflects on the Bible and Culture from a progressive United Methodist viewpoint.

Music:  Hymns are accompanied by a full choir and one of the largest pipe organs in the region. The music ministry adds to the worship experience and must be experienced in person!

What to Wear:  We welcome all people and encourage everyone to join in.  Wear whatever you wear in your every day life: jeans to sport coats, t-shirts to top fashion, shorts to pleated khakis - all are fine.  Yes, even socks with sandals.  

The process of commitment to becoming a member at First United Methodist in Forest City is simple:  

~ Speak to the Minister about your desire to join the Church
~ Make a spoken commitment to continue your faith journey at FUMC-Forest City during a            ` worship service, and
~ Participate in the life of the Church through your Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness

As the church's founder, John Wesley, said:  "The world is my parish."  You are invited to become a very vital part of our work and worship at FUMC-Forest City in this meaningful and stimulating tradition.