The Boy Jesus in The Temple

“All who heard him were astonished at his understanding.”  (Luke 2:47)


The open book at the top of the window refers to the Holy Bible, the word of God that is open to all men.  Translations of the Bible, or portions of it, have been published in more than a thousand tongues. The lower scripture is taken from Luke 2:48 “Son, why has thou thus dealt with us, Thy father and I have sought thee, sorrowing”, the words of His parents when they found Him having lost Him for three days.

The seven-branched candelabrum means the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit or the church. The Jews call this the Menorah, representing Old Testament worship. The light of the Menorah symbolized the presence of God in the temple and today one or two are always kept on the altar in Jewish Temples.  In the Christian church, a three-branched candelabrum represents the Trinity; the five-branched, the wounds of Christ. The scroll stands for the first five books of the Old Testament, the Torah, containing the most sacred Jewish laws.

Given by Mr. and Mrs. T. Max Watson and sons, Glenn and Theron 









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